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Sergei’s mother sacrificed herself to get her family through the Iron Curtain. Now it’s Sergei’s turn to save her…even if he has to cross realities to do it.


Sergei is determined to put his broken family back together, no matter the danger.


Not-rats and bugs hiding in his walls, listening to his conversations? He can live with that. The shadowy government organization trying to dig encoded information out of his nightmares? He’ll play along to learn what they know about his mother.


If he has to destroy his college career, his love life, and the best friendship he’s ever had—with his roommate Cam—he’ll do that, too, if that’s what it takes. He’s the only one who believes his mother is still alive.


Nobody else needs to get hurt if he doesn’t tell them what he’s doing.


But however hard Sergei tries to keep his double life a secret, Cam still shows up to save him whenever he’s in trouble, like Cam has some kind of magical sixth sense—a sense that keeps them bonded together no matter what. And when Sergei finally breaks through his dreams into a world where monsters lurk and reality changes on a whim…where having magic carries a death sentence…the stakes of this game could be far higher than Sergei wants to pay. Now it’s not just his life on the line—he’s dragged people he cares about into danger with him.


He thought he could risk himself alone. But will his single-minded mission to find his mother be worth the price everyone he loves has to pay?


Stranger Things meets epic fantasy in award-winning author Angela Boord’s new Cold War portal fantasy set in a world of ever-shifting conspiracy and quantum magic, where even reality itself can’t be trusted, and family isn’t just about who you’re related to.

Through Dreams So Dark book cover by Angela Boord

Rai Ascendant Library
Book 1

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