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Be careful what you wish for...


1982. Magic is a thing of fairytales and fantasy, but for Tresa, it's a dangerous reality. In constant fear of the destruction even her best wishes can cause, she's been forced to live a solitary, silent life, keeping everyone at a distance to protect them. When the mysterious stranger she’s been dreaming about for years walks into the bookstore where she works, Tresa is torn between her desire to stay safe and the temptation to speak to him. He's about to turn her carefully guarded world upside down. But if she breaks through her shell, what havoc will her wishing unleash?

Wishes Book Cover by Angela Boord
Roses In Winter by Angela Boord book cover

To catch a man, sometimes you have to start with his woman. But when the woman is a mistress of a favored nobleman, and the man is a traitor, things get complicated.

Soldier Kyris di Nada is on a mission to avenge the betrayal and death of her lord. But hunting a man in the shadows is a different game than killing him on the battlefield. It requires her to think like a wolf, to be quiet, patient, and ruthless. Determined to bring justice to her lord, Kyris sets her sights on the nobleman's mistress, who is living a lavish life with his ill-gotten gains. But as she closes in on her prey, will she find the justice she seeks, or has she become no better than the man she hunts?

Can a mother ever forget her child?

"'Walk upon the Western Road, my faithful ones, walk until your feet gather sores and stones and your eyes ache from dust. Bear this in my name, for I grow tired of this body and desire another, a child who lives far, far from Tarai..."

Monks came for only two things: tribute and war. But I never expected they would want to take my child to be their god.

Forget Me Not by Angela Boord
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