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A bad reputation, a metal arm, and a burning need for revenge…


Once played as a pawn in a deadly game of feuding Houses, Kyrra d’Aliente now makes her living in male guise as the ruthless mercenary Kyris di Nada. Yet hidden beneath her tough exterior lies a woman driven by one thing: the belief that her lost love, killed in the war he fought on her behalf, is still alive. But when Kyrra is offered the chance to assassinate the man who betrayed her, the seductive song of revenge changes everything.

In a world of scheming gods and precarious loyalties, vengeance comes at a deadly cost. As the treacherous webs of her past try to trap her once again, Kyrra must make a choice: kill the man who stole everything from her, or risk everything to save the man she loves.


Fortune’s Fool is the award-winning first book in the Renaissance-inspired Eterean Empire epic fantasy series. If you like powerful heroines, complex political intrigue, and slowburn romance, then you’ll love Angela Boord’s gripping tale of love, betrayal, and revenge.

Pick up Fortune's Fool today and begin your own journey through the Eterean Empire!

SPFBO 5 Second Place Winner!
Stabby Nominee Best Debut 2019!
One of Fantasy Book Review's Best Books of 2019!

Rai Ascendant, Book 1

- Fortunes Fool book cover by Angela Boord

Eterean Empire,  
Book 1

Smugglers Fortune book cover by Angela Boord

Eterean Empire,
Book 2

Kyrra d'Aliente's metal arm has always been her salvation. Will it now become her downfall?


Peace may have been declared in Liera, but the city is a dangerous place for mercenary Kyrra d’Aliente. Her family is dead, her pockets empty, the man she loves missing, and now, a group of out-of-work sellswords want to steal her metal arm. When an encounter with an old friend leads to a smuggling job, she’s more than willing to hop on board in exchange for a bag of coins and a little revenge. But as this seemingly simple job leads down an ever more treacherous path into her past, will their mysterious cargo be worth the danger it brings with it—or will it cost her far more than her arm?


Smuggler’s Fortune is a standalone novella set in the award-winning Eterean Empire epic fantasy series. If you like fast-paced stories with a cast of complex characters and a strong female protagonist, you’ll love Angela Boord’s action-packed adventure!




Will love be enough to bind these two broken souls?

Reunited after years of separation, Kyrra and Arsenault long for a peaceful life together. But the magic keeping Kyrra alive is also tearing her apart. When a mysterious piece of ancient metal falls into Arsenault’s hands, he gambles that it will prove to be Kyrra’s salvation despite the secrets from his past it threatens to reveal.

Kyrra is willing to sacrifice everything to free Arsenault from the vengeful god who haunts him, even if it means embracing the magic killing her. But Liera is on the brink of war again, and an unlikely alliance with her greatest enemy may be the only way to save it from destruction.

With their love tested by powerful forces, Kyrra and Arsenault face a heart-breaking decision between their own happiness and the greater good. As the dark truth begins to unravel, can their promise hold—or will they find it was a fool’s promise after all?

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster in Fool's Promise, the exciting second book in the award-winning Eterean Empire epic fantasy series by Angela Boord. If you like rich worldbuilding, complex characters, and epic love stories, then you won't want to miss this thrilling tale of love, sacrifice, and redemption.

A "Cover to Be Revealed" graphic for Fool's Promise, Book 2 in the Eterean Empire series

Rai Ascendant, Book 1


Eterean Empire,  
Book 1

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